What is the worst catastrophe in your life?

free art projekt | photography: New Zealand, 2007 | abstract

I spent 6 months in New Zealand. Although I worked in an advertising agency I had enough time to explore this wonderful country. During this time I met a lot of people. Almost 100 of them helped me realize this project. I took photos of them and after that I asked them about the worst catastrophe in their life. It´s not easy to answer this question … but to ask for the worst situation in somebodys life isn´t either.
The result of the collection of disasters and bad experiences is that everything happens for a reason and that every down in a human life is followed by an up. In summary, it´s fair to say that you obviously cannot look inside a person and it´s hard to meet each other without prejudices. With this project I got a lot of answers I didn´t expect and I learnt a lot from these people even about myself. 
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME TO REALISE THIS VERY PERSONAL PROJECT. (In this abstract: Steve, Christine, Michael, Fiona, Gavin, Frances, Climaxx & Brian.)