I know, I haven‘t said much for quite a while … so today I‘d love to share my new website with you, where I will continue to show my work. Also I have a new blog – my journal – with insights into my daily (Melbourne) design life ...

This is going to be my last post on this blog but below is a little appetizer sneak peak of some recent projects I‘ve done. For further details and to browse through more projects please visit


Thanks to everyone who has viewed and visited my blog, I hope you‘ll stick with me in future. Feel free to join me on facebook to stay tuned for the latest news! :)



For further details and more recent projects please visit WWW.SARAHMACHTSACHEN.COM


For further details and more recent projects please visit WWW.SARAHMACHTSACHEN.COM

What A ChristMess!!

Christmas time – supposed to be a wonderful contemplative time – turns into the most stressful part of the year for many people. 
What a ChristMess!!
Are you hosting a Christmas-party this year? I would like to supply a little "survival kit" for all my friends, followers and fans. 
No matter if you celebrate during the hot-steamy summer or crispy-cold winter – just choose the kit which is suitable for your festivities depending where you and your beloved are based. 

The packs include a shopping list to get organized, a menu, double sided wrap paper, name tags for your presents, greeting cards 
and a banderole if you want to give away some wine. Folks, relax, for gods sake, it's Christmas! Enjoy yourself! Have fun! 
I wish you a fancy time and love ... lots of love. Warm regards, Sarah

For further details and more recent projects please visit WWW.SARAHMACHTSACHEN.COM

Voyage of Life

My dear family & friends, 
Travel safe and enjoy your trip!
Trust me, it's gonna be awesome.

For further details and more recent projects please visit WWW.SARAHMACHTSACHEN.COM

Corporate Design for Glöw Beauteous, Melbourne

Corporate Design for Glöw Beauteous a skin clinic / beauty salon located in Albert Park, Melbourne
For further details visit


Photoshooting for Waitui Charters Fiji onboard a SeaRay 240
Location: Fiji, where the best barrels are: Cloudbreak / Restaurants / Tavarua Island
Vinaka vaka levu to the hole team! It was a pleasure to work with you guys!!

personal identity (we love letterpress)

Letterpress business cards with my favorite colors: fluorescent orange and black. 
The last two pictures are the new edition with colored edges > of course in my recent favorite color "Pantone 805U" :)

sometimes …

Problem solver

persiflage packaging for beer …

Corporate Design for an architect

Corporate Design for an architect, Germany.
Special: the black edge-colored business cards.


Artwork inspired by a quotation of the sailor, captain and author 
Józef Teodor Nałęcz Konrad Korzeniowski better known as Joseph Conrad.
»Let them think what they liked, but I didn't mean to drown myself. 
I meant to swim till I sank – but that's not the same thing.«
»Sollten Sie doch denken, was Sie wollten.
Ich hatte nicht die Absicht mich umzubringen. 
Ich hatte die Absicht, so lange zu schwimmen, bis ich unterging. 
Aber das war nicht dasselbe.«

{Joseph Conrad. 1857 – 1924}

Dad & Me

a day in autumn 1985 …

for my brother.

just to let you know.
(We didn't notice that our dad took photos of us in the backyard while we were playing.
The picture shows a brave indian with his faithful horse. Guess, who is the horse … )

Clear solution …

persiflage packaging for vodka …


Here comes the sun or at least confetti … 
Some shots I made of Evas & Thorstens happy wedding.




poster art-work | 594 x 841 mm

Submission for POSITIVE POSTERS Competition 2011, Australia.
Find your favorite poster here.

What is the worst catastrophe in your life?

free art projekt | photography: New Zealand, 2007 | abstract

I spent 6 months in New Zealand. Although I worked in an advertising agency I had enough time to explore this wonderful country. During this time I met a lot of people. Almost 100 of them helped me realize this project. I took photos of them and after that I asked them about the worst catastrophe in their life. It´s not easy to answer this question … but to ask for the worst situation in somebodys life isn´t either.
The result of the collection of disasters and bad experiences is that everything happens for a reason and that every down in a human life is followed by an up. In summary, it´s fair to say that you obviously cannot look inside a person and it´s hard to meet each other without prejudices. With this project I got a lot of answers I didn´t expect and I learnt a lot from these people even about myself. 
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME TO REALISE THIS VERY PERSONAL PROJECT. (In this abstract: Steve, Christine, Michael, Fiona, Gavin, Frances, Climaxx & Brian.)


free work; 
an old analogue picture of 2006 combined with new thoughts of today –

MAYBE.  Better now.

self-portrait and conclusion.


free work. print | 42 x 44 cm

Get your own Screensaver/Background.
Click on the picture and download this file.


free work; a poster for my kitchen | 55 x 70 cm

For my friend Dominic

poster print | 55 x 70 cm