What A ChristMess!!

Christmas time – supposed to be a wonderful contemplative time – turns into the most stressful part of the year for many people. 
What a ChristMess!!
Are you hosting a Christmas-party this year? I would like to supply a little "survival kit" for all my friends, followers and fans. 
No matter if you celebrate during the hot-steamy summer or crispy-cold winter – just choose the kit which is suitable for your festivities depending where you and your beloved are based. 

The packs include a shopping list to get organized, a menu, double sided wrap paper, name tags for your presents, greeting cards 
and a banderole if you want to give away some wine. Folks, relax, for gods sake, it's Christmas! Enjoy yourself! Have fun! 
I wish you a fancy time and love ... lots of love. Warm regards, Sarah

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